A plaque remaining from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem.

Above, a 1934 plaque from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem. Discarded as trash in 2006. Now a Popeyes fast food restaurant on Google Maps.

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Entry from October 19, 2015
“Real men wear aprons”

"Real men wear aprons” is a saying that has been printed on many gift items. The saying sometimes refers to Masonic aprons, but usually it refers to men cooking in barbecue aprons. The “real men” meme was popularized in the book Real Men Don’t Eat Quiche (1982) by Bruce Feirstein.

“Real men wear aprons when in the kitchen” was cited in a 1997 book. “I recently bought him a little sign that hangs by our new stove: ‘Real Men Wear Aprons, Buddy’” was cited in a 2000 book.

Google Books
Hints & Tips to Make Life Easier:
Practical Solutions for Everyday Problems

By Reader’s Digest Association (Canada)
Montréal: Reader’s Digest Association (Canada)
Pg. 185:
Real men wear aprons when in the kitchen. Cooking can be messy work, and aprons are not just for show— they keep clothes clean and also give you someplace, besides your jeans, to wipe your hands. And don’t forget: blacksmiths wear aprons too.

Google Books
God Things Come in Small Packages for Women
By Susan Duke, LeAnn Weiss, Judy Carden
Lancaster, PA: Starburst
Pg. 86:
Thankfully, Harvey is great at cleaning and cooking. I recently bought him a little sign that hangs by our new stove: “Real Men Wear Aprons, Buddy.” He loves it — and says I’ve proven that a woman’s place is not necessarily in the kitchen — but there are plenty of other ways to keep the home fires burning.

Google Groups: rec.woodworking
Advice please
“WARRENRN1” wrote in message
.> do
> real men wear aprons????

27 November 2003, Medicine Hat (Alberta) News, pg. B10, right masthead:
Real men wear aprons—Page B7
(About the men’s cooking group, Men In Aprons.—ed.)

Google Groups: soc.org.freemasonry
Dave Vick, PM
Lansing (Michigan, USA) Lodge #33, F&AM
DDI #43, Grand Lodge of Michigan

Real Men Wear Aprons

Cooking Classes: Macy’s Culinary Studio
We also learned that this class series is definitely not the place to meet a man — there’s only one, and he’s taken — instead we plan on hanging outside the “Real Men Wear Aprons” course.

Ryan Naraine
@jjx real men wear aprons.
3:34 PM - 3 Apr 2008

Enrico C.
@scanman It refers to my kitchen/BBQ apron with chili pepper print (roughly) I posted b4.  Real men can wear aprons. esp chili ones. wink
2:34 AM - 6 Sep 2008

Google Books
It’s No Secret: Real Men Wear Aprons : the Story of Freemasonary in Australia
Peter Lazar
Museum of Freemasonary Foundation, 2009 - Freemasonry - 267 pages
‘It’s No Secret: Real Men Wear Aprons’ is the first major book on the Craft in Australia. Lifting the lid on Freemasonry, this fully illustrated book includes details of the initiations and teachings of the Craft, explains the symbolism of Masonic aprons, Lodge rooms and furnishings, and contains a veritable Who’s Who of Australia’s Masonic political leaders, heroes, sportsmen, adventurers and entertainers. Here, for the first time, is a book that answers all your questions: What Masons believe. What they’re taught. Who can join. How they progress. And why the handshake’s still a secret.

“Real men wear aprons.” “No they don’t. That is basically half a dress.” -my 12 year old
8:10 PM - 5 Oct 2015

Posted by Barry Popik
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