A plaque remaining from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem.

Above, a 1934 plaque from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem. Discarded as trash in 2006. Now a Popeyes fast food restaurant on Google Maps.

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Entry from April 02, 2016
Rochester: Rottenchester (nickname)

The city of Rochester, in western New York (not Rochester, Minnesota), is sometimes given the unflattering nicknamed of “Rottenchester” (rotten + Rochester). ‘Rottenchester” was mentioned in a few letters to the editor of the Democrat and Chronicle (Rochester, NY) in July and August 1954. The “Rottenchester” nickname was infrequently cited in print until the 1980s and 1990s.

Wikipedia: Rochester, New York
Rochester (/ˈrɒtʃᵻstər/ or /ˈrɒˌtʃɛstər/) is a city on the southern shore of Lake Ontario in the western portion of the U.S. state of New York, and the seat of Monroe County.

The population of the city itself (210,565) was the third largest in the state — after New York City and Buffalo — at the time of the 2010 census. Rochester is at the center of a larger metropolitan area that encompasses and extends beyond Monroe County, and comprises Genesee County, Livingston County, Ontario County, Orleans County and Wayne County.

Old Fulton NY Post Cards
28 July 1954, Democrat and Chronicle (Rochester, NY), “Letters to the Editor,” pg. 14, col. 5:
Call Us Rottenchester
If a stranger asks me where I am from and I tell him, he says, “Oh, you are from Rottenchester.” Brother! What a moniker for Rochester. We should all be proud of that name—Rottenchester, N.Y.
766 Main St. E.

Old Fulton NY Post Cards
3 August 1954, Democrat and Chronicle (Rochester, NY), “Letters to the Editor,” pg. 12, col. 5:
The Bridge Again
Why not name the new bridge the “Rattlesnake Pete Bridge?” No man or woman ever did as much to help put Rottenchester on the map.
109 Atlantic Ave.

Old Fulton NY Post Cards
6 August 1954, Democrat and Chronicle (Rochester, NY), “Letters to the Editor,” pg. 16, col. 3:
In regard to our city being renamed “Rottenchester.”
914 Culver Rd.

13 August 1974, Aiken (SC) Standard, “New Pasttimes” by Scott Hunter, pg. 8, col. 1:
They exercised their vocal chords at the referees, displayed their signs ("You Bum,” “Beat Rottenchester") and cheered the Washington Post Commercials on the big screen.

9 November 1981, Anderson (IN) Daily Bulletin, “People—Susan Giovati” by Jim Bannon, pg. 2, col. 1:
Born in Brooklyn (New York—where else?) she grew up in Rochester, N. Y., but flew the coop as soon as possible. To this day, she still calls Rochester, “Rottenchester.”

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Back East vs. the Coast
James R Carbin
......"They’re all obnoxious and they talk funny.” - Steve Summit
Gee Steve, I hope you left off the :<) by accident or it was at least implied.
Do you really think that we are all obnoxious?

Seriously, I have often asked myself the question in the middle of a snowstorm, "What in hell are you doing in Rochester, New York." But weather is only one of the factors which determines the location of home. Granted, winter snow-storms can be horrible (Some RIT students call this Rottenchester), but having had the privilege to travel to 45 of the 48 continental states, I can say some-thing good and something bad about each and everyone of them. To a Rochesterian San Diego in December first seems like a dream, but I don't see how I could possibly afford rent or a mortgage.

Google Books
Volume 8

Edited by Reinhold Aman
Waukesha, WI: Maledicta Press
Pg. 267:
Rochester, NY: Crotchfester, Rottenchester

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Ed Cody
Answering a msg of <28 Jan 92>, from Daphne Bueckert to Anyone:
Hello Daphne, How are you? I’m fine I guess. I don’t know why I’m replying to your message, seeing how I live in Rottenchester (Rochester), NY

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Rochester and area
Sin City Guy
Good ole Rottenchester......born & reared there and never should of gone back from ‘85-90.

Google Books
A cool, fresh, phat and shagadelic guide to all kinds of slang

By Mike Ellis
New York, NY: Hyperion
Pg. 109:
Rah Cha Cha, Rottenchester

@DJEdNice ohh i remember that cold..i lived in ‘the roc’ aka rottenchester aka rochester as a kid lol
5:03 PM - 4 Dec 2008

Jen Talty
@jamesrollins I live in Rochester NY......better know as Rottenchester because of the crappy weather.
9:31 AM - 25 Apr 2012

“@NikkkiLynnne: @ErinEJohnson3 rottenchester = Rochester > crapchester = Rochester” 👊
9:31 PM - 13 Jun 2013

Lil’Jey ❣
‏@Shayoziniquee Lil’Jey ❣ Retweeted 4:07 ♈
Rochester a.k.a Rottenchester a.k.a Thotchester a.k.a Shotchester 😂😂😂💀 Lil’Jey ❣ added,
4:07 ♈ @ayooayeee
9. Where you from?
11:39 PM - 3 Feb 2016

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