A plaque remaining from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem.

Above, a 1934 plaque from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem. Discarded as trash in 2006. Now a Popeye's fast food restaurant on Google Maps.

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Entry from April 20, 2015
“What’s the scoop?”

Newspapers began to have “scoops” (exclusive pieces of information) in the 1870s and 1880s. The question “What’s the scoop?”—“What’s news?” or “What’s happening?”—was cited in print in 1912 and in 1935. American soldiers frequently asked “What’s the scoop?” during World War II.

“What’s the scoop?” is also the name of many ice cream shops..

The Free Dictionary
What’s the scoop?
Inf. What is the news?; What’s new with you?

(Oxford English Dictionary)
scoop, n.
orig. U.S. (See quots. 18861, 1906.) Cf. scoop v.1 5b. Also transf.
1874 Macomb (Illinois) Eagle 23 Nov. 1/2 Owing to a slight misunderstanding, the Sentinel found itself without a copy of the decision, and for a time a terrible scoop seemed imminent.
1886 Phonetic Jrnl. 6 Feb. 63/1 In American newspaper offices an item of news is valued largely according to the likelihood of its being an exclusive piece of information, or a ‘scoop’.
1886 Phonetic Jrnl. 6 Feb. 63/2 ‘Has the Herald got that water-pipe contract paragraph in its City Hall column?’ ‘No,’ answers the Tribune city editor,..‘It’s a scoop’.
1892 W. D. Howells Mercy 113 ‘Any scoops?’ asked Pinney, warily—‘Anything exclusive?’

Google Books
Raising Cain
By Carolyn Elizabeth Hosmer and Lorena Winchell Hocking
Denver, CO: The W. H. Kinstler Stationery Co.
Pg. 30:
“Young man, your untimely entrance came within an ace of spoiling the best editorial I’ve written in a month. What’s up, kid? What’s the scoop?”

10 August 1935, Harrison (AR) Daily Times, “Whose Wife?” by Gladys Shaw Erskine and Ivan Firth, pg. 3, col. 3:
“I’ll give you the scoop if you agree to publish the second scoop the very moment I can give it to you. Will you?”
“I promise,” she said. “What’s the scoop?”

24 July 1945, Boston (MA) Herald, “‘Dozier Boys Have What It Takes, But Watch Your Step With Praise” by Rudolph Elie, Jr., pg. 6, col. 2:
You visit an army engineer outfit and someone will say “What’s the scoop on the Pioneers having concked out?”

30 July 1945, Boston (MA) Herald, “Battle Code Is Fantastic Jabber” by Rudolph Elie, Jr., pg. 8, col. 6:
‘mistress one, this is Dogface. What’s the scoop? Over.”

22 February 1947, Brainerd (MN) Daily Dispatch, “And Besides All That,” pg. 3, col. 6:
“What’s the scoop on these out-of-town women—Hendricks, and you, too. Nyquist.”

3 August 1947, Augusta (GA) Chronicle, “Book Trends” by Jean DeWitt Fitz, pg. 2D, col. 2:
Throughout the battle, the soldier constantly questions. “What’s the ‘scoop’?” or, literally, what do we do next?

OCLC WorldCat record
What’s the scoop on coal?.
Author: United States Fuel Company.
Publisher: [Salt Lake City : [s.n.], 1957.
Edition/Format: Print book : English

Google Books
Chain Store Age Super Markets
Volume 36
Pg. 112:

OCLC WorldCat record
What’s the scoop : questions and answers for librarians on access to library services for the handicapped in Wyoming
Author: Wyoming State Library.
Publisher: [Cheyenne, Wyo.] : Wyoming State Library, [1978]
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OCLC WorldCat record
What’s the scoop? : exploring the newspaper
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Edition/Format: Computer file : 5.25 in. disc : Program : No Linguistic Content

what does one icecream cone say to another icecream cone?
what’s the scoop?
lmfao , get it?
7:07 PM - 28 Apr 2012

Cougar Country Café
Morning Amusings~ “What did the newspaper say to the ice cream?” “What’s the scoop.” smile ~Have a nice day!
8:25 AM - 26 Sep 2014

Creams Southend
What did the newspaper say to the ice cream? What’s the scoop #JokeOfTheDay #Southend #IceCream
8:10 PM - 20 Apr 2015

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