A plaque remaining from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem.

Above, a 1934 plaque from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem. Discarded as trash in 2006. Now a Popeyes fast food restaurant on Google Maps.

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Entry from July 31, 2021
Big Apple (Robinette’s Apple Haus, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 1973-present)

Robinette’s Apple Haus & Winery in Grand Rapids, Michigan, has a nine-foot-tall apple in its picnic area. The Robinette family bought the farm in 1911, and the Apple Haus (with its “Big Apple”) opened in 1973. The Apple Haus, according to its website, is “home to the bakery, lunch counter and eating area, cider mill, home-grown fresh fruits and a variety of other tasty treats.”
Similar “Big Apple” roadside attractions include a “Big Red Apple” in Cornelia, Georgia (1926-present), a “Big Apple” that was in Wathena, Kansas (1928-1940), a “Big Apple” kiosk in Mumbles, Swansea Bay, Wales (1930s-present), a “Big Apple” tourist information booth in Meaford, Ontario, Canada (1974-present), a “Big Apple” in Thulimbah, Queensland, Australia (1978-present), a “Big Apple” in Colborne, Ontario, Canada (1987-present), a “Big Apple” at the Big Apple Cafe & Event Centre in Waitomo Caves, New Zealand (1995-present), a “Big Apple” in Medina, New York (2000-present), a “Big Apple” at the Yamanashi Prefectural Museum in Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan (2008-present), “La Mela Reintegrata” or “The Apple Made Whole Again” at Central Station in Milan, Italy (2015-present) and the “Big Apple of New England” at the Johnny Appleseed Visitors Center in Lancaster, Massachusetts (2019-present).
Robinette’s Apple Haus & Winery
A Taste of Michigan
In response to consumer demand, the Robinette family opened the Apple Haus in 1973. The Apple Haus is home to the bakery, lunch counter and eating area, cider mill, home-grown fresh fruits and a variety of other tasty treats.

Every morning, our bakers fill the air with the wonderful aromas of breads, donuts, pastries and pies. Come enjoy a treat with a hot cup of coffee. At lunch, indulge in a soup or sandwich outside at one of our picnic tables or the play area. We also have a lunch box menu so you can order your lunch to go or for an office function. Don’t forget to bring home a pie for dessert or a loaf of one of our popular breads—or both!
Roadside America
Grand Rapids, Michigan: Big Apple
Nine feet tall, which qualifies as big for an apple.
Robinette’s Apple Haus & Gift Barn
3142 4 Mile Rd NE, Grand Rapids, MI
Robinette’s Apple Haus & Gift Barn. I-96 exit 38, then four miles north on Hwy 44/E. Beltline Ave. NE, then turn left onto 4 Mile Rd NE. On the left (south) side of 4 Mile Rd NE.
Giant Apple
Nine-foot tall apple at Robinette’s Apple Haus & Gift Barn. It’s out in front to lure customers in!
[Mark Comstock, 02/21/2007]
Big Apple
There is a 13-ft apple in Grand Rapids, Michigan, at Robinette’s Orchard. I grew up 6 blocks from the apple, and I think it’s the biggest.
[Claudia Sherman, 10/02/2000]
It’s the big apple! Haha #robinettes #apple @ Robinette’s Apple Haus & Winery http://instagr.am/p/STcY5wxzzn/
2:46 PM · Nov 21, 2012 from Michigan, USA·Instagram
Taz Painter
The kids take a bite of the big apple at Robinette’s Apple Haus. #GrandRapids
3:43 PM · Jul 31, 2014·Twitter for iPhone
Google Books
Oddball Michigan:
A Guide to 450 Really Strange Places

By Jerome Pohlen
Chicago, IL: Chicago Review Press
Pg. 192:
The huge apple found at Robinette’s Apple Haus & Winery north of Grand Rapids is so much smoother than its eastern cousin, though this plump pomme has only been around since 1973. It stands nine feet tall and is made from urethane foam coated with fiberglass. And since it’s at ground level in the picnic area, it’s much more photo-friendly.
Robinette’s Apple Haus & Winery, 3142 4 Mile Rd. NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49525

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