A plaque remaining from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem.

Above, a 1934 plaque from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem. Discarded as trash in 2006. Now a Popeyes fast food restaurant on Google Maps.

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Entry from December 19, 2022
BRC (Broadway Revival Cast)

There are several theater initials:
OBC = Original Broadway Cast (1994; Urban Dictionary, 2006)
OBCR = Original Broadway Cast Recording (1994; Urban Dictionary, 2005)
OOBC = Original Off-Broadway Cast (2006; Urban Dictionary, 2021)
OOBCR = Original Off-Broadway Cast Recording (2019)
OLC = Original London Cast (1994; Urban Dictionary, 2015)
OLCR = Original London Cast Recording (1996)
BRC = Broadway Revival Cast (1996; 2014)
NBC = New Broadway Cast (1995)
OCR = Original Cast Recording (1995)
OST = Original Sound Track (1992; Urban Dictionary, 2003)
CSR = Complete Symphonic Recording (1995)
Bursting with Song
A Broadway Glossary
NBC: New Broadway Cast. Refers to the recording of a revived musical by the revival cast.
OBC: Original Broadway Cast. Refers to the opening night Broadway cast of a musical.
OCR: Original Cast Recording. Refers to the recording of a musical by the opening night cast. Note that in some rare cases an opening night performer was unable to participate in the OCR, so his or her understudy sang on the recording, as did Rex Everhart on 1776 after Howard Da Silva had a heart attack.
OLC: Original London Cast.

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Bladerunner music          
Shiv Naimpally
Sep 29, 1992, 9:48:26 AM
Even though the BR closing credits indicate an OST recording is available, due to some problems the OST was NEVER released. There is a recording out by ‘The New American Orchestra’ in which a group of musicians attempts to cover much of the BR OST (ost = original sound track), but IMHO it was pretty pathetic.
Google Groups: rec.music.newage
Tangerine Dream Music
Shiv Naimpally
Feb 26, 1993, 10:43:22 AM
I think their OST for _Thief_ was the first to use drums. In fact since you like _Firestarter_, you will probably enjoy most of their OST (original soundtrack recordings) such as _Thief_, _Wavelength_, _Flashpoint_ etc.. I would also check out _White Eagle_, _Force Majeure_, and _Underwater Sunlight_.
Google Groups: rec.arts.theatre.musicals
Musicals on CD
Bruce Beaumont
May 12, 1994, 9:03:47 AM
Key values: OBC - Original Broadway Cast
OLC - Original London Cast
MST - Movie Sound Track
Google Groups: rec.arts.theatre.musicals
Best Little Whorehouse Goes Public
Eric K. Johnston
Oct 26, 1994, 9:50:39 AM
=>First of all, what is an OBR.
It’s a typo - it was meant to be OBCR (Original Broadway Cast Recording)
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Essential recordings
Marc Gonzales Escuro
Feb 11, 1995, 5:26:43 PM
Ok here are mine.
OBC = Original Broadway Cast
OLC = Original London Cast
NBC = New Broadway Cast
OMC = Original Movie Cast
CSR = Complete Symphonic Recording
1) Miss Saigon (OLC)
2) Les Miserables (CSR)
3) Beauty and the Beast (OBC)
4) Grease (OMC)
5) South Pacific (OBC)
6) Sound of Music (OMC)
7) The King and I (OMC)
8) Phantom of the Opera (OLC)
9) Evita (OLC)
10) Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (NBC - M.Damian)
11) A Chorus Line (OBC)
12) 42nd Street (OBC)
Google Groups: rec.arts.theatre.musicals
Essential Recordings
Timothy R. Hulsey
Feb 10, 1995, 8:56:29 PM
(Key: OBCR means “Original Broadway Cast Recording”; OCR means “Original Cast Recording”)
Google Groups: rec.arts.theatre.musicals
Soundtracks - OCRs & CSRs?
Karen Mercedes
Jul 10, 1996, 3:00:00 AM
OCR = Original Cast Recording
CSR = Complete Symphonic Recording (a new beast)
OLC = Original London Cast
OBC = Original Broadway Cast
soundtrack = the recorded music from a film, including a filmed musical
cast recording = the recorded music from a stage production (though usually filmed in a studio, rather than live)
studio recording = the recorded music from a musical by people who are not in a production of that musical…at least not in a product that is going on at/near the time the studio recording is made. For example, Nelson Eddy did a studio recording of OKLAHOMA! in 1952, but was never in any stage or film production of that musical; more recently, Sony brought out a studio recording of Placido Domingo, Julia Migenes, and Mandy Patinkin in MAN OF LA MANCHA; none of those stars has ever been in a production of that show, on stage or on film.
concept recording = the recorded music from a show not yet produced, usually “floated” to get listening audience feedback and potential producer/investor interest going in anticipation/hopes of a production. This kind of thing used to be handled in what were known as “backers’ auditions”, but I guess backers who will listen to new shows by unknown writers are getting harder to find. A concept recording is an expensive form of advertisement; it gets the show and its writer(s) enough exposure that they can pretend they’ve actually been in the business successfully for a while, rather than being nobodies from Podunk who just happen to have written a show. Of course, one does have to find a backer to produce the concept album…. On the other hand, the concept album may be a way of finding someone to do one’s work for one, in the case of a certain composer I know who managed to inspire a writer I know to totally rework the problematic lyrics on one of his concept albums; I’m not sure if he is actually going to pay her, or just take advantage of her labour of love.
Google Groups: rec.arts.theatre.musicals
Soundtracks - OCRs & CSRs
J.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Jul 10, 1996, 3:00:00 AM
A Soundtrack refers to a film or TV version of a show. (Even though TV shows don’t literally have “soundtracks”, and many film “soundtracks” are actually studio recordings of the show with the movie cast).
OCR - An Original Cast Recording of a stage show. Some shows have several - the OBCR, or OBC - Original Broadway Cast Recording, the OLC or OLCR - Original London Cast Recording, or the OBRC or ORC - Original Broadway Revival Cast, Original Revival Cast. (Again, almost no stage shows are actually recorded live - most are recorded in a studio using the original cast.)
CSR is Complete Symphonic Recording - A fairly new designation referring to new studio albums released featuring the entire scores of Miss Saigon and Les Miserables.
Urban Dictionary
Original Soundtrack
by Anonymous September 9, 2003
Urban Dictionary
“Original Broadway Cast Recording”
I went to see Wicked yesterday, and I finally got to buy the OBCR!
by Ashley November 29, 2005
Urban Dictionary
often used in theatre circles as an acronym for “Original Broadway Cast”
“I was so glad that for the movie RENT, they used mostly OBC!”
by Broadwaylover June 21, 2006
Google Groups: rec.arts.theatre.musicals
Re: Will you get into trouble if you Video record a musical in a theatre for yourself?     
Jan 21, 2006, 5:54:08 PM
And since no one else has, please allow me to be the first to offer a gentle correction, John: a “soundtrack” (ST) is the recording of a film or television program; the recording of a stage musical is generally referred to as an “original cast recording” (OCR). Variations include OBC (original Broadway cast), OLC (original London cast), OOBC (original Off-Broadway cast), etc.
J Swegle
I’m depraved on account of I’m deprived! I just found the original Broadway cast recording* of West Side Story on my Itunes.
7:39 PM · May 1, 2009
Moisés Chiullán 肖振藩
Replying to @jodiekearns
@jodiekearns first a couple acronyms: OBC - Original Broadway Cast // OLC - Original London Cast
7:46 PM · Sep 15, 2009
Romy Michelle🇺🇦
@WallyWackiman Well, recordings are usually of the Original Broadway Cast (OBC). It is rare for there to be more than one recording.
10:19 PM · Jul 7, 2011
Replying to @lena749
@lena749 Original (Broadway or London) Cast Recording…Footloose recorded & released Broadway instead of London’s! DANGIT (LesMiz was OLCR)
11:02 AM · Feb 16, 2012
#nowplaying In The Heights - Original Broadway Cast (OBC).
7:16 PM · Nov 25, 2012
Replying to @k8tieja
@k8tieja original broadway cast… OOBC is Original off-broadway cast, OLC is Original London Cast etc, OBCR is OBC recording etc :D
3:08 AM · Oct 1, 2013
Five Said AroAce Rights ☂︎
hazelgracelancaster: SHORT-FORM GUIDE: OBC = Original Broadway Cast OOBC = Original Off-Broadway Cast BRC = B … http://tmblr.co/Zoq0wxINiLzC
9:39 AM · Oct 7, 2014
Replying to @shweedie
Then it came to me: the Les Misérables Complete Symphonic Recording, aka, ‘the CSR’. (Aka, the best one.)
11:09 AM · Dec 2, 2014
Urban Dictionary
Acronym of Original London Cast (the original cast of a London musical) , similar to OBC (Original Broadway Cast).
Me: Hey Steph! Have you heard the OLC of POTO?
Steph: Yeah, Sarah Brightman is amazing.

by mona__kay January 5, 2015

OBC=Original Broadway Cast
OOBC=Original Off-Broadway Cast
BRC=Broadway Revival Cast
OST=Original Soundtrack
OLC=Original London Cast
8:35 AM · Sep 17, 2016
um i was speaking in refrwnrwxe to the obc terminology, with orc being original revival cast but i see where ur comin from completely i apologize entirely
4:15 PM · Nov 20, 2017
maibelle 💜
💐 Stan Thread 💐
¤ u/s - understudy
¤ Sw - swing
¤ Re - Revival
¤ OBC - Original Broadway Cast
¤ Ens. - Ensemble
¤ Dc - Dance Captain
¤ Tr - Tour
10:05 AM · Mar 27, 2018
Lin-Manuel Miranda Teaches You Broadway Slang | Vanity Fair
Vanity Fair
Nov 27, 2018
Vanity Fair cover star Lin-Manuel Miranda teaches you Broadway slang.
Vanity Fair
Lin-Manuel Miranda Teaches You Broadway Slang
Vanity Fair cover star Lin-Manuel Miranda teaches you Broadway slang.
Released on 11/27/2018
The OBC.
So much drama in the OBC,
it’s kinda hard being Snoop D-O double me.
The OBC stands for the original Broadway cast.
These are your Angela Landsbury’s in Sweeney,
these are your Julie Andrews in My Fair Lady.
I know, you’re thinking Audrey Hepburn,
but Julie Andrews was the original Eliza Doolittle.
BROADWAY/MOVIE MUSICAL MASTERPOST - vukwanrik: hazelgracelancaster: SHORT-FORM GUIDE: OBC = Original Broadway Cast OOBC = Original Off-Broadway Cast BRC = Broadway Revival Cast OST = Original Soundtrack OLC = Original London Cast Other…
SHORT-FORM GUIDE: OBC = Original Broadway Cast OOBC = Original Off-Broadway Cast BRC = Broadway Revival Cast OST = Original Soundtrack OLC = Original London Cast Other guidelines: Italics = ra…
10:26 PM · Jun 6, 2019
Comic Trans MS
It’s no secret that I’m a massive fucking musical theatre nerds, but I’ve been growing disillusioned with new musicals… until now. The #AStrangeLoop OOBCR is beautiful. It’s classically Broadway, it’s unapologetically queer and it’s proudly black. The future of musical theatre.
5:27 PM · Oct 1, 2019
Beth 💜🖤🤍
For those wondering:
Yes my top 2 needed to be all caps.
OBC = Original Broadway Cast
O-offBC = Original Off-Broadway Cast (I included this because there are some great shows with cast recordings that never made it to Broadway)
9:06 PM · Jul 6, 2020
Broadway Meme 🎄
é a sigla para Original Broadway Cast, ou seja, o elenco original da versão daquele musical na broadway.
suas variações incluem:
OLC - original london cast
OOBC - original off-broadway cast
ORC - original revival cast
5:41 PM · Sep 26, 2020
In the world of #vinylrecords OST = Original Soundtrack
OBC = Original Broadway Cast
11:34 PM · Oct 11, 2020
For Reference 👇🏽
OBC: Original Broadway Cast
MC: Movie Cast
11:54 AM · Dec 30, 2020
Urban Dictionary
Original Off-Broadway Cast
person 1: I really like this musical
person 2: I like the OOBC more

by owl_ September 2, 2021

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