A plaque remaining from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem.

Above, a 1934 plaque from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem. Discarded as trash in 2006. Now a Popeyes fast food restaurant on Google Maps.

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Entry from July 29, 2015
Brosé (bro + rosé)

Rosé is a wine with an often pinkish color. Rosé had the reputation of being a wine mainly for women, but by 2011 that began to change. “Brosé: [broh-zey] –noun a pink wine enjoyed with friends” was cited on the Formaggio Kitchen blog on June 2, 2011. “Brosé” was entered in the Urban Dictionary on June 10, 2011, with one definition being a “pink wine enjoyed with friends, or your bros.”
“Brosé” (bro + rosé) grew in popularity in 2015, with articles in several major newspapers and magazines.
Wikipedia: Rosé
A rosé (from French rosé; also known as rosado in Portugal and Spanish-speaking countries and rosato in Italy) is a type of wine that incorporates some of the color from the grape skins, but not enough to qualify it as a red wine. It may be the oldest known type of wine, as it is the most straightforward to make with the skin contact method. The pink color can range from a pale “onion”-skin orange to a vivid near-purple, depending on the grape varieties used and winemaking techniques. There are three major ways to produce rosé wine: skin contact, saignée and blending. Rosé wines can be made still, semi-sparkling or sparkling and with a wide range of sweetness levels from bone-dry Provençal rosé to sweet White Zinfandels and blushes. Rosé wines are made from a wide variety of grapes and can be found all around the globe.
Formaggio Kitchen
Brosé: Defining Rosé Wine in 2011
June 2, 2011 by Erin Tevlin
Brosé: [broh-zey] –noun a pink wine enjoyed with friends.
Urban Dictionary
A. A pink wine enjoyed with friends, or your bros.
B. A pink wine served at a brodown.
C. A pink wine enjoyed so regularly, you know it like you would know one of your bros.
D. All of the above.
by cup.half.full June 10, 2011
Ashley McCollum
Just heard about awesome new wine development: Brosé. Bros drinking rosé. h/t @jtes @russellbrandom
6:04 PM - 9 Aug 2012
BROsé RT @Lindseymgreen: Overheard by dude to another dude at the Amagansett wine store “I cant get into the rosè tonight, bro.”
6:10 PM - 1 Jun 2013
Drew Johnston
Brosé time #brosé .... Bro’s drinking Rosé #itsathing #brosé #youknowit http://instagram.com/p/smxFhyjs-y/
8:28 AM - 6 Sep 2014
Maanvi Singh
Overheard at the organic grocery shop: “I’m going to brosé today. Brosé is when you have rosé with your bros”
1:11 PM - 18 Oct 2014
Jonah Wei-Haas
Rosé for her, Brosé for me!
@adamcarolla @Mangria
#brose #Thanksgiving #Brosgiving #mangria View translation
2:53 PM - 27 Nov 2014
the brosé effect: 5 sparkling wines to ring in the new year
by: busra erkara and sofia lyons — december 29 2014
When Rick Ross and his entourage showed up at our offices last summer with a case of Luc Belaire Rosé in tow, we made a mental note to keep tabs on the stuff. Was it just a fad, or the harbinger of a new era in which men order pink bubbly? Turns out, it’s the latter, and part of a growing movement dubbed “the brosé effect.” Don’t believe us? Just do a quick search of #brose or #blackbottleboys (Ricky Rozay’s hashtag of choice) on Instagram.
Anne Holden
A rosé marketed towards men called “brosé” WHO WILL PAY ME
1:40 PM - 14 Mar 2015
Ricky Camilleri
“Brose’” a new tumblr about bros who enjoy Rose’. Coming to you soon.
1:55 PM - 29 Mar 2015
Brosé = Bros drinking rosé. I think we’re onto something here. @caitiecrow
9:52 PM - 3 May 2015
Friday, June 12, 2015
Make Way for Brosé: Why More Men Are Drinking Pink
Forget craft beer. These days, guys are toasting summer over bottles of blush, turning rosé into the drink of the moment.

“I like to say that real men drink pink,” says Thomas Pastuszak, wine director of the swanky NoMad Hotel in Manhattan. “There used to be this perception that rosé was a girly drink, but that’s just not true.” As Procrustean gender norms fall into the dustbin of history, more menfolk are succumbing to the charms of the Pink Mistress, blithely knocking back rosés ranging in color from onionskin to rare steak. Like his counterpart, the much-discussed female whiskey drinker, the rosé bro is inaugurating a freer, more egalitarian world of gender-fluid beverage consumption.
On the job, it’s not rare for Pastuszak to spot gentlemen in their twenties and thirties imbibing rosé with impunity. “It used to be that a guy would maybe order a glass of rosé on a date. The woman would order a glass, and then he might say, ‘I’ll have rosé too.’ But now I’m seeing groups of men ordering it.”
Kristi Evans
Brosé - rosé for bros
2:01 PM - 10 Jul 2015
‘Brosé’ is brollocks
Unless you’ve been beamed into theNuts dimension, you may be surprised to learn that “Brosé” (the acquisition and consumption of rosé wine by men) is A New Thing. It’s on Twitter. It’s on Facebook. And it’s on Instagram. Which, frankly, is ludicrous. Bond drank it by the pint in Fleming’s Goldfinger novel, and in the French regions of Provence, Rhone, Loire Valley and Champagne, drinking anything other than Rosé is heresy, regardless of what your genitals look like.
The Telegraph UK)
Forget craft beer, men are drinking ‘brosé’ this summer
Pink wine was once just for girls, but this summer male drinkers are putting down their pint glasses and getting in on the act

By Telegraph Men
7:30AM BST 25 Jul 2015
As Al Murray’s Pub Landlord used to observe, the traditional rules of social drinking could always be summed up as follows: “Pint for the gentleman, glass of white wine or fruit-based beverage for the lady”.
In recent years, the contents of the pub drinker’s pint glass have become more varied and esoteric, with the trendy craft beer explosion spreading throughout the UK and across America.
The Guardian (UK)
Brosé: wine for the angsty bro who blushes when he ‘drinks pink’
Jason Wilson
I thought my glass of pink Frenchy wine was just something pleasant to drink in summer. Little did I know, it was an agent of male emasculation – until now
Tuesday 28 July 2015 22.20 EDT
It started when I read about how men in England were opting for rosé over beer.
The story, published in the Telegraph, was entirely based on a longer piece in Details magazine, which insisted on the basis of a some isolated hipster anecdotes gathered in the usual New York boroughs, that young men were “pounding pink”.
Like every spurious lifestyle trend, this tendency came with a portmanteau. The bros imbibing pink wine were part of the “brosé phenomenon”.
In Details, aspirational millennials with creative jobs were wheeled out to assure us that while they once would have felt self-conscious about drinking rosé, in the summer of 2015 they may finally “drink pink” without blushing.
Word Mark BROSÉ
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